Roads on private land

I am running around my home town and have come across 4 roads that I am unable to complete as they have parts or are completely on private land.

These would be Lucas Road & New Harbour Rd on Poole Harbour which are both beyond a safety gate.

The Glen is two roads of a gated road where you can only manage about 25 metres.

There is the far end of Sterte Road West which is on land belonging to Pork Farm Foods.

These streets would also effect the Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole, England .

Thank you for reading my ramble.


You can go to openstreetmap and change thee roads to the status in real life, that is: tag these roads as private. Sometime soon, James build this site’s backend system to update the cities to reflect the changes. For the time being you could consider to flag them as manually completed, since you won’t be able to run them anyway.