Response problems

Hi James

I have response problems off late, sometimes no connection at all and sometimes 2 minutes wait before i get my profile . Is there a general problem or is it just me?

Woah! I haven’t had server issues that would cause problems like this. I’ll try clicking around your pages to see if I can find the problem. If you have private activities, I might not be able to see the problem - I’ll get in touch directly if I need any help.

I just tested life map, profile and my home city
Profile is the problem with me, 3 tests gave 44 sec, 45 sec and 64 secs response.
sometimes especially after around midnight (GMT+2) or later logging in also gives connect failures

seems to go much faster last 2 days :slight_smile:

hi James

got several timeouts today see picture
are you aware of the time-outs?
This occurs more but often after a few minutes I can log on again
I see in Amsterdam now 873 competitors coud that also be a problem ?

For me the problem appears only if I link to the old user-specific link ( If you are logged in and you go to (without the user’s number in the link) you will now see the personalized content previously visible only through the user-specific page. The world map view ( in my case) also works perfectly well (and is the fastest to download).

So I guess the timeout issue is just an artifact from the old start page, not any real timeout issue.

Ok, i changed my bookmark to without my user number.
Hopefully this helps, thanx for the thinking :slight_smile:

:flushed: :exploding_head:
Looks like I have to paginate that “Running Cities” list.