Reply Here If You Have Missing Activities

Reply to this post with a link to your profile page. I cannot help you if I do not have your profile link.
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There’s a ‘Sync Now’ menu option in the top right menu. That will start a sync for your account. Use that before posting here.

People who use both Strava and Garmin

There’s a New: Garmin Integration -- Available To EVERYONE which you can use:

  • Visit your Settings page (top right menu at
  • Go into the Activity Trackers section
  • Connect your Garmin account to your existing CityStrides user
  • Pause your Strava syncing

Garmin users

Garmin recently changed their API in a way that breaks re-syncing activities. This means that if you delete an activity in CityStrides, it will not be possible to re-sync it again without involving me and the Garmin support team. I’m currently working with their support team, trying to figure out a sustainable way to move forward.

MapMyFitness users

It’s rare, but CityStrides can lose access to your MapMyFitness account. If you are missing activities, please log out of CityStrides & log back into CityStrides & use Sync Now (top right menu). This should bring your activities in. If you’re not a subscriber, include MapMyFitness in your reply with your link & I’ll run that for you.


@jimeel I took a look at your latest Strava activity, and I noticed it’s classified as “Workout” instead of e.g. “Run” or “Walk”. Are your other activities that are not present in CityStrides the same?
CityStrides only brings in Run, Hike, Walk activities … that could be your issue. Try changing a few to one of those & then click “Sync Now” in the top right menu in CityStrides and see if they arrive…

@tmolony I have absolutely no idea how any Garmin activities could be removed automatically. Some services send me “delete” notifications that I can act on - if the activity is deleted in e.g. Strava then it’ll be deleted here. I don’t have that type of connection with Garmin.
What was the process you took re: tcx files?

I have seen a number of MapMyRun activities recently that came over without GPS data (which would get ignored by CityStrides). I’ve been in touch with their support team about the issue, because a number of the activities displayed maps in their site - so there was definitely GPS data that should have come over. This could be the issue for you as well.
I’m working on that issue, so I’ll be sure to run a sync for your account as soon as it’s resolved.

Fantastic @JamesChevalier, this solves it. Thanks!

I am connected with MapMyRun and Garmin, but it seems my MapMyRun activities are no longer syncing. In particular, I have an activity from 9/24 I’d really like to see on my profile. Thanks in advance!

You may need to log out of CityStrides & log back in via MapMyRun.
After you do that, you can log out/in with whatever service you prefer. It’s just that sometimes the connection can go stale & logging in again fixes it up.
Remember not to revoke access - that deletes data from the revoked service in CityStrides.

After you log in via MapMyRun, a sync now (from the top right menu) should bring the activity in. If it doesn’t, check if it’s categorized as a run or walk. If it is, let me know and I can take a closer look.

Haven’t been able to login via Garmin since Friday and am missing a couple activities as a result (from 9/26). I’m not sure if this is a Citystrides issue, Garmin issue, or somewhere in between… Thanks a bunch!

Are you seeing any particular error message? What’s the overall experience you’re going through?
I don’t see any error reporting that appears to be related to login issues.

I wouldn’t expect login issues to be related to activity sync issues. You do not need to be logged into CityStrides for your activities to sync - you just need to create that initial connection by logging in once.

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My profile is, please sync!

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Hey, new here -
Had a couple of runs update from 2019, but nothing since.
Use Runkeeper. Does this actually work? Seems like lots of people have lots of issues…


I have activities from yesterday that have not yet sync’d. I tried the Sync Now option last night, then tried logging out and in again plus Sync Now this morning. Not sure what’s going on. Do you mind checking? Thanks!

On October 4th I did 2 walks and the first one updated but the second one did not. I use Mapmyfitness Here’s my profile Tracy Goguen-Murray - CityStrides, subsequent walks have uploaded correctly. and I tried signing out and in again.

I did this walk with Julie Grand - Julie Grant - CityStrides and hers has not uploaded as well,

if you can please get these to update for the two of us that would be greatly appreciated. Definitely an amazing app.



Yesterday’s activity (10th October) doesn’t show up. I thought there were some general problems connecting to Strava and it would show up later, but now today’s activity shows up and yesterday’s is still missing.

9th October is missing too btw., but that was a manual entry anyway.

Can you do anything to get yesterday’s streets back for me?

Thanks in advance.

My profile:

It’s there now! :grinning:

Can you sync my MapMyFitness activities from October 15th. Tracy Goguen-Murray - CityStrides

thank you,