Red nodes to be marked as private or inaccessible?

Hi all,

How do I mark or report areas with red nodes as private or un accessible roads ?


You need to edit the road in openstreetmap

Once you have found the road, you can select it and change the allowed access to private.
You can then upload the change, with a message describing what you did. The next time CityStrides updates its map from OSM the street will be taken off the list for that city.

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Awesome Justus!! Thank you for the super quick response. I’ll check it out.

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There are a couple of articles on OSM in the CS wiki too: Wiki - CityStrides Community


Ah good idea thank you. I’ll check it out.

I just made a few edits in the OSM site. Any idea how often City Strides synch up with them?

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@ceb3fcf241fa0364ae49 OSM updates here are something rather new, and I have not seen anything definitive on the subject. Maybe monthly, if the city has “active” Striders. The good news is, if you mark a street manually complete, the update code also reprocesses the traces, and if you got all the nodes, will remove the manually complete… At least that is what I have read.