Recent runs not syncing

Hi James, I’ve got my completed streets back (thank you very much!) but ever since my runs are not syncing. I thought perhaps the activities may just be in queue as you are fixing people’s accounts, but it’s been a few days/runs now, so I figured to check in to see if maybe it’s just happening to me.

I just tested, and I have access to your account. :thinking: Let me see what I can do…

They’re synced now! Thanks!

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Hi James, I am having the same issue. The last time my runs synced up was Oct 2 and I still can’t see any of my top 15-20 cities I’ve run.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Hey James, similar story: several of my runs from mid- to late-September aren’t syncing, but more recent runs have synced fine. I know you’re working to catch up on syncing, so no rush! Just want to make sure mine didn’t slip through the cracks.

James, you can add me to the list of runs not synced. I’m only missing the last few days, syncing with MapMyFitness. Thanks!

Similar issue here, my run on oct 5th hasn’t synced yet. I’m using Mapmyrun

The issue is happening to me again too James. You were able to those 3 days of runs to sync somehow, but my run yesterday has not synced yet. I’m a mapmyrun user too, which seems to be the common denominator of the issue.

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My activities have not synced since October 2nd either. Also a mapmyrun user.

I keep intending to make a donation to your great site. Since your update, I have lost my home city. Hopefully today I can support you.

This has happened to me, too. I’m a mapmyrun user and I am missing two runs here since October 1st.

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it looks like mapmyrun is syncing again but the two runs in between haven’t synced. It’s only two, but will those sync or are they lost?

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They will eventually sync - thanks for your patience!

Hi James! I have one day of a run from this past week that has not synced- October 10th. My run from the 9th, and 12th did, but the one from the 10th is not showing up in city strides

My runs haven’t synced since 19th October. Can you please have a look.

Hi James, I ran this morning and it shows as being run, but my streets aren’t shown as progressed and completed? I thought it would sync quickly, but it is taking a long time.

Yep. Piles of work in the queue right now - probably slowing things down quite a bit.

Perfect. Thank you. Another question I have is I was excited to be 100% complete with Point Edward Ontario, and it says the streets are complete but it shows as 97.3% complete on my profile. :(. Any way that will be updated so I can share this awesome app and how I have completed a location?

Hey @JamesChevalier, having the same issue. Not syncing since Dec 04.

Known issue that I’m working on Runs Not Syncing - #17 by JamesChevalier