Reappearing Streets

I’ve noticed a couple of streets in an area where I had 100% coverage have reappeared i.e. the total % has fallen again and those streets appear on incompleted streets.

The streets don’t appear on the node hunter and I’ve ran them again this morning and they don’t appear to have been updated.

For info streets are Elsie Inglis Way and Darvel Gait in Edinburgh.

I noticed a similar issue a few weeks ago. My best guess is James refreshed some/all cities with new OSM data which added/deleted streets and nodes in City Strides. I frequently fix incorrect streets on OSM and I noticed a few of my changes took effect in CityStrides as well.

I think this ties into the issue with streets with zero nodes.

In one instance I had 100% completion of a city ward and that’s now gone to 99%. Closer inspection reveals the one outstanding street (that I had ran previously) has zero nodes.

I’ll keep an eye on that conversation :wink:

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