Questions About Nodes

I did read the wiki and some of the forms but I am still confused. I saw the discussion on manually completing streets and the opposition to it. I am assuming that view won becasue I don’t see that as an option. Yet I am also seeing requests to remove streets. I understand this because as I finish Upper Darby I am finding streets that are on private property, behind locked gates, are actually parking lots. Some cemetaries have nodes; some don’t. Who creates these nodes and why!? Do people arbritarily go to Open Maps and willy nilly create nodes?

One other issue: in the uncompleted streets list are streets I definately did. The life map shows that I did. There are no red nodes. Why are these streets in my list .Thanks

Please give some example if the last issue, so someone can take a look!

To manually complete a street, you need to go to the street page and click the 3 dots on the top of the menu. I think most people view manual completions as a last resort option.


As for the nodes created on OSM, keep in mind much of the OSM data hasn’t been looked at in years. I have made a lot of edits while going through my cities to update streets. In your example, it’s totally possible that a street wasn’t private a while ago, but had a gate recently added and no one ever updated OSM. The streets in CityStrides are only as good as the data from OSM, so if you see things that are wrong you can change them.

Of course, always make edits in OSM knowing that it’s used by more than just CityStrides. I always aim to be as accurate to reality as possible.


Regarding nodes, there are a lot of different object types in OSM, and most of them are in fact a collection of nodes. E.g a street can be just two nodes, one in each end if it’s short and straight. Or it can be hundreds of nodes. But you don’t enter nodes in OSM, you enter streets (and they are made up of nodes of course). The streets are imported to CS, and all their nodes are then shown.
But the thing is that depending on different tags and categories for the streets in OSM, some (most) are included in the import, some are excluded.
But since there are thousands of contributors to OSM, they don’t always use these tags and categories the same way. There are many cases where there is no absolute right or wrong. So sometimes two streets that look the same ”on the ground” differ in tags, so one is imported to CS, the other not. Anyone who sees something they think should be entered differently are free to change it and thus help make OSM a better tool. Of course always keeping in mind that there are a lot of applications that use OSM data, so be careful

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