Project done!

The end of a year and a significant end for me, yesterday evening i ran my last official citystrides run thereby fullfilling my personal sportive goal of tracing all streets of the 8 cities surrounding my home.

I started with finding out about citystrides during training for long distance and keeping the long runs bearable and fun. Soon after that, the means changed to a goal itself. I tracked close to 200 ’ official’ runs in 2 years among some more cleanup runs (since the recent update) and lunch walks during work. I covered 5200 streets now and who knows maybe i start some more cities waiting to be run a bit further off.

I love being active with numbers and all the planning of the runs, trying not to miss another node, seeing the visual candy of the lifemap and really getting to experience my neighborhoods. Passing places from long ago, childhood memories, passing teenager and school places in real life and in my mind at that time. It was a good journey and i still try to fill the empty space now not planning, running and enjoying all this like i did for the past years.


Congrats on completing your project, great stuff! How are you finding retirement?

I read an article about Strava and how it influences how people run and realised that Citystrides (for me) is not that dissimilar. If a run doesn’t complete any streets, is it even worth doing? :sweat_smile: With that context, I was wondering how your running has changed since you completed your project. Do you enjoy the freedom to just go for a run without worrying about completing neighbourhoods and everything that goes with that, or do you spend the entire run trying to figure out how to convince your family to relocate? :laughing:

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I actually trying the last thing! I miss it like hell, i am thinking to go further away and start the next nearby city. I try to set new goals, like serious trailrunning and so on, but still i don’t know how i am gonna get through the days not planning and progressing over streets and nodes etc. It is cold turkey now and i am battling the urge to plan the next streets to run.

Yes, relocating in the coming years would be a consideration, at least for me

I am still a long way from completing my goal, but I fear that I will be in the same situation as you when I get there. I was kind of hoping you would say that you’re glad to be done with it, but good to know that I should start thinking about moving when I get to 80% or so. :grimacing:

Limburg as a whole has just over 20k streets, so you could always try for that if relocating doesn’t work out :laughing:

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Ha! 20k? Do you think? I was contemplating doing everything south of Echt. But all that driving is time consuming and not that environmental. We’ll see, maybe I start Geleen or Meerssen if I miss it too much

@petje I have just been browsing topics on the forum and came across yours today. A belated congratulations! Just checked out your lifemap too, that’s incredible. It’s so cool to be able to zoom in to any level and just have everything totally finished! Wow.

Hi, thanks! it was rally a cool project. And as somebody else asked, i can’t stop. There are still town nearby that i going to start on. Difference is, that they are quite hilly. But that is the challenge now!

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