% progress better in view

I would like the percentage of my progress in a city with two decimal digits.

reason: if you progress lets say 10 streets in a bigger city your progress in % is nihil. It would be psycological more rewarding if you saw some progress :slight_smile:

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Just about being patient, in my city I’ve kinda worked it out that I have to run 70+ completed streets before I move up 1%.


I keep a Google spreadsheet to keep track of my progress up to 2 decimal places. I do have to update my Streets Completed manually when it changes. Like david.martin.1602, I usually have to do 80 or so streets for the entire New York City (all 5 boroughs combined) to move up 1% . I agree it would be a nice feature to have.

I use Excel nowadays to see the progress, also shows the history

What are you & @qaptainqwerty tracking in Excel/Sheets, and how do those spreadsheets look? Do you think this is something that could be present within the site?
It hurts me that you have to do extra work outside of the site. :smile: :grimacing: :confounded:

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Well for the record I am very gratefull that you designed such a program. It was a long wish from me to record where I have been in one overview!

What i do track in my spreadsheet(s)?

  1. I divide total number of objects (“Streets”) by total number of objects run
    for Amsterdam today that would be 6492/1561=24,05% (actually i keep 3 decimals 24,045)
    I have to go in my profile and click Streets run and get the number there
  2. In my daily spreadsheet of things i record i put this number so i can see the history day by day and make graphs of progression
  3. I look at the ranking of striders around me and ompare where i fit in and how many strees the difference is

Grateful for CityStrides, too, and I do the same thing as p.gomes, just that I keep my spreadsheet in Google Drive and I use decimal point instead of comma, :wink: . For example, for New York, NY another heatmapper and I are both at 14% completed but with my little formula I know that I am still one street behind her.

I have to go in my profile and click Streets run and get the number there

One caveat here is that the “streets run” number under your name is total number of streets run. It isn’t (currently) limited to the city you’re viewing.

Otherwise, this is really interesting to me. I think I understand what you’re doing & I think I might be able to provide that view in-site. One hurdle is doing so in a way that you actually want to use. :smiley:

My spreadsheet keeps track of

New York, NY
Manhattan, NY
Brooklyn, NY

I go to each city to get the streets completed for each of those city to update the spreadsheet.

wow, the 2 decimals are here, hurray


Uggh, I thought I announced this :confounded: :grimacing:

two small questions: one is the rounding. i see that 0,007=0,00 Wouldn’t it be better if it was 0,01? (not truncating but rounding)
The second is do you intend to do the 2 decimals also on the profile page (somewhere in the future :slight_smile: ?

Yeah, I’m letting my programming language do the rounding. So if it decides that 0.007 rounds to 0.00 for some reason, then that’s what we’re stuck with.

I just did some tests, though, and it should be rounding to 0.01 not 0.00

For your other question … The graph that displays the progress indicator with the amount within the bar … That’s all a plugin, and it seems to be rounding to the whole number on its own. They offer a precision setting, but even while setting that it’s still rounding the numbers. :thinking: I probably won’t spend much time trying to figure this one out, to be honest…

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