Profile City List Links Malfunctioning

Hi there!

When clicking on certain cities in my list on my profile page, I’m landing on a page with an error message saying: ‘Uh Oh, Something went wrong…’. (see image Run Your City)
I have tried to find out where ‘the bug’ might be as this is not the case on all links to the cities’ pages. Most broken links are from cities in the region of Vlaanderen in Belgium. However certain citiy-inks of cities in Vlaanderen seem to work fine…(see List_of_cities-xlsx)
What can be the case here…? :thinking:
Tried different browsers: same outcome.

Anyone encountering the same issue?
Thanks for looking into it.

CityStrides - Run Your City_Lokeren

This was a weird one … I had a bug in my ‘profile image update’ code, which was setting some user images in a way that would make them break the page. I’ve fixed the code & corrected any existing accounts. Those pages should work now.

Thanks for reporting this!


Thank you so much for your quick response! Awesome, it works.