Previously complete Canadian cities now showing incomplete, missing streets off the coast of Africa

I tagged @JamesChevalier on Twitter about this a while ago, but I don’t think it’s the “zero nodes” issue as he suggested. It has been this way a few weeks now.

Per the attached, I completed Vancouver and Victoria some time ago, now they show as 99.xx% complete. When you view those cities and click “go” on the incomplete streets, it takes you off the coast of Africa. Also, the University Endowment Lands suddenly has almost no nodes. This makes it pretty hard to plan runs to grab nodes and it would be useful if cities I’ve completed remained at 100%.

Screen Shot 2020-11-12 at 1.23.50 PM

Going off the coast of Africa is exactly what happens when a street has zero nodes. Without nodes, the street’s location defaults to 0 degrees N (or S) and 0 degrees E (or W).

It’s also why a city is now incomplete. The street is listed in the city database without any location, so it’s impossible to complete the street. If you can’t complete the street, then you can’t complete the city.

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OK, so has James suggested there is a fix for the zero nodes issue? Is it a data corruption issue that changes a street to zero nodes?

This happened in one of my completed cities and a few days later those streets disappeared. Unclear if someone else did something to fix it, but I doubt it since I am the lone person running that city.

Interesting. These have been like this for weeks now so we’ll just have to wait and see I guess.

We have a few of these streets in my city as well. I’m hoping next time the city updates from open street map it fixes some of them.

There’s at least one thread on this issue: Streets with 0 Nodes - #32 by ericjrw



I didn’t see it mentioned, but James has mentioned that the next time the city gets recalculated, from OSM, it should be resolved. Check the “Last updated from OSM” date, on the city’s page, and eagerly await the update… I think I read monthly, but IDK for sure.

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