Possible to add Riverside, RI to OSM?

Someone contacted me letting me know that Riverside Rhode Island isn’t in CityStrides (as a nested city for East Providence). I found that it’s not present in OpenStreetMap.

Is anyone here capable of adding that?

is this what somone is looking for?

someone knows where the sources are for the USA part of OSM?

First, the link you sent was for a zip code boundary. In the United States, zip code boundaries have nothing to do with political boundaries. They are purely for the convenience of the post office when making deliveries. So that boundary won’t work. (Unless James decides on a radical restructuring of the site. But “I ran my zip code” doesn’t have the same romance as “I ran my city.”)

Second, there are no specific sources for Open Street Map. You can go into it and edit is as you see fit, much like Wikipedia. In fact, I’m making over an edit a day to the site. In addition to problems with the roads I find during my runs, I’m also adding one business per day, my “morning commute challenge.” What the source of my additions and corrections? My personal runs and drives.

Here’s my latest, a nursery on my morning drive to work: OpenStreetMap

Hopefully this is helpful.

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Yep, it’s a zip boundary. I know, it says so in that link. Since i am not from USA i was not sure if zip borders could be similar as legislation borders.
And yes, i know it’s OPEN street map. I also have done my share of mappings.
And since city(town/country/etc) borders are not visible in the real world, also in OSM these need a source of some to get into the dB of OSM. In the Netherlands these border gps grid mappings are made public for free by the official bodies that work for the government. The same goes for buildings and addresses/zipcodes. Because it’s OPEN, it doesn’t mean you can only map by what you see outside. So my idea is that someone needs to find a trustworthy source for this city border. After that it’s easy to map it in OSM.

Call the City or County government. (Or check their web site.) They often have shape files of boundaries available.

However, it doesn’t appear that Riverside actually has any sort of legal existence. As such, creating it in OSM is problematic. Riverside, Rhode Island - Wikipedia

So all streets from riverside should be in the city east providence.

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