Please help!

My app is no longer syncing- I have logged out and back in and updated my fitness with no luck. Help! Why is it no longer working?

If you share your profile link, I can take a closer look.

I needed the link ( Lindsey Steinkey - CityStrides ), but I was able to find you by name in the site.

I started a sync for your account, and it looks to be bringing activities in. I only have database-level access, since you’re private (that’s fine, no need to change that) but I did see an activity recorded yesterday & created in CityStrides today.

For future reference - You’re a subscriber, so you have “Sync Now” in the top right menu. If you notice a missing activity (MapMyFitness can be slow to send activities to CityStrides) you can use that to do a full-account sync.

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