Pin a city from the second page


I lived in one state for quite some time and covered a bit of ground but I have recently moved to another state and starting to tick off new streets and suburbs. I want to pin these newer suburbs to my profile page from the Cities in Progress list but they are on the second page and don’t have the pin option available. How can I pin streets further down the list to my profile page?



That definitely used to work, but indeed doesn’t seem to any more. Same if you search a city from that form. Sounds like a regression bug, @JamesChevalier

If you’re really eager to get it working, you can do it by editing the pinning with browser devtools, but that’s probably not worth the effort if you are not familiar with those. Another option might be to set a certain city as your default city in your settings, I believe that autopins it.


Is the button not functioning properly, or is there no button?

When I go Profile | Cities in Progress the first page listed has a pin on the left hand side.

When I click Next, and subsequent clicks the cities don’t have the pin option. And if I go Prev to the first page (which did have pins) the pins have now disappeared.

Thank you!

I’ve spotted the trouble, but I don’t have a fix yet. I’ll post again once I have something useful :sweat_smile:

Alright @nathanjsimpson that should be sorted out now. There was a pretty substantial bug in some tooling I’m trying out, but the fix was fairly simple.

Thanks for reporting & sorry for the trouble!

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Thanks @JamesChevalier

The pins do show but when clicking on a pin to pin a city I get a 2021-10-08 07_20_10-Window message.


Oof … rough!
It should actually be fixed now.



Brilliant. Too good @JamesChevalier

It’s working again for me too.

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