Percentage math!

Hello! I am pleased to announce that I’m the first to cross the 30% threshold for my city. At least, that’s true for my math, why doesn’t the site agree? Is the percentage based on total number of streets or is it a mileage thing?

I just had a look, and I noticed your percentage is now 30%, but a few things (for future reference);
The number under your name is your total streets completed, regardless of cities. (ie for you 765).
You’ve ‘only’ run 746 streets in Honolulu, which is 29.79% (CityStrides rounds up to the nearest integer). (I did this when I was getting close to being the first 30%er in my city, you can find your actual streets for a certain city under the ‘tick road icon’).

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Thanks Mike, mystery solved!

Curious, now that I’ve legitimately hit 30% in my city, how long does it take for my city to get added to the map?

So I found that because CS rounds, you need to hit 31% before you’ll appear on the map.
And only 24 hours after someone goes onto the map (the cache only refreshes when someone clicks on it I believe).
So once your profile says 31%, go to the world map leaderboard, and then go back over 24 hours later and you’ll be there.

aha, I see. I just hit 30% but I have to reach 31%!

Ah, yeah - I see … The code is percentage_complete > 30 (greater than 30) as opposed to >= (greater than or equal to 30).

I tried to cover this in the phrasing on the Leaderboard page, but it doesn’t quite work:

This is a list of the most elite Striders, who are leading in their city and have completed more than 30% of it.

Do you all want me to change this to “greater than or equal to 30%” or are you cool with it as-is?

Personally I’d leave it, I don’t know how big of a job it is to fix the code, but we all know you work hard and have a lot to do so I’d focus on other aspects of the site.
Now this may be skewed because I’m over 31% and if I was at 29.4% I’d think different haha. Plus the most it can ever affect is 1 person per city, and that’s only if no one previously in that city has reached 31%. So it would only ‘benefit’ a very small number of people.

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So, do I have to hit 30.5% (which rounds up to 31%) or 31.0%?

Obviously as a 30.1 percenter my preference is clear! :smile:

Looks like a need to run 22 more streets. Time to scour the map…

I think there are 3 quick ways to solve this very, very minor issue

  1. do nothing
  2. just write 30,5 % in stead of 30 %
  3. code >= instard of > and write 30% or higher

I just hit 30,53% today so … :smile:

Find 22 unrunnable nodes and complete them manually :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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If a street is unrunnable, I mark it as needed to be removed! That way it helps the map be more accurate for all.

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