Other striders’ profile

When looking at a fellow strider’s profile, I might see he has only five streets left in a city. So I want to see what he has left, and click the magnifying glass (Node hunter). But this shows me the nodes missing for me, not for my friend. Is that intentional behaviour, or a bug?

It’s intentional. Node Hunter is for your own progress.

It’s convoluted (and I’ll try to think of a better way through this), but the current way to view other people’s progress is to click the button for their profile page and then click the link for the city you’re interested in.

Well, what you describe is exactly what I did, but when I see he’s got, say, ten streets missing, I can click each one of these to see where they are located, I just wanted a quicker way to see all his missing nodes/streets at once

Oh, yeah, sorry I didn’t clarify that - you can view the page & list of streets & their LifeMap (which should appear on that page), but Node Hunter is limited to yourself.

Ok, I see!