OSM question about gated private roads

I have been researching this exact same issue. I found a few streets in the nicer neighborhoods that have a private street sign but are marked public on the map. If there is a gate, or a no trespassing sign, I have been leaving it alone. However, if it is just marked “private” I have been running them. No issues so far.

There’s a hood near my old hood, that cars non residential cars are not allowed (there’s a gate), but pedestrians are (no gate on sidewalk). Its still in osm as public, or at least was. So from a CS perspective, it’s not clear what’s correct. But for all osm users, i guess it should be private.

I would tag that road’s access info in OSM as motor_vehicles=private OR permit and foot=yes

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Great idea. I’m still coming up to speed on tags. With this edit, would it the be in CS?