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Reading through this thread and seeing that there could be a trail option makes me excited…it would be really neat to find a way to work that into completing a city/town. Be cool to see both your trail and road completion progress.

Here’s Groenezoom in CityStrides: Groenezoom in Dordrecht, Zuid-Holland - CityStrides

Is the issue that the street has a sidewalk (or some sort of path/lane/area that is suitable for walking), so therefore it’s not foot=no?

yes, exactly.
and when i ran on the sidewalk, some of the citystrides nodes are not marked complete.

What do BLUE nodes mean? To date I’ve only seen GREEN & RED.

It doesn’t mean “Marked as manually complete” does it? That’s something I have yet to do. :slight_smile:

Dropping a reply to see the answer to blue nodes^

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It shows blue nodes if you’re not signed in. If you search for the same street from your account you’ll see red nodes instead of blue.


Yeah, blue nodes are either that your not logged in or that you have never completed or progressed a street in that city.

and when i ran on the sidewalk, some of the citystrides nodes are not marked complete.

I take this as a problem with CityStrides determining if you’ve progressed a Street, not a problem with the OSM data. If there’s a sidewalk on a street, I expect that can be run & should exist in CityStrides.
(My definition of “Street” for CityStrides doesn’t mean literally the street and not a sidewalk)


On the subject of progression:

As I am still familiarizing myself with CityStrides, I ponder many things when out collecting nodes.

One thing I am most curious about is, “How close does one need to be to a node to have it marked as done?”

When I’m in neighborhoods, I try to run/walk in the street, as I believe the node is in the center of the street, and there is usually less things to trip on (when running). But on busy streets this is not so wise. But if the detection circle is at least a couple lanes (what’s that, 24 feet? and there is GPS jitter too!), maybe I should just keep my butt on the sidewalk?

Thank you (hope that wasn’t too off topic)

25 meters

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@hjkiddk, Thank you Henrik! You either have a very good memory, or are much better at forming a search query!

Nice life map!

Cheers, Eric

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Totally agree. I did complete the street but with the nodes in the center of the street where they cannot safely be reached by foot the street remains incompleted in CS
Any other solutions to this are of course welcome. My preference would be not to complete any streets manually.

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If there are nodes, you cannot reach at all in RL. It should be foot=no on OSM. and sooner or later those nodes would not be visible anymore in CS. Yesterday i was approaching a new part of a city, there is a road that’s just not runnable. So i changed it to foot=no in OSM. I manually completed it, cos in the (near?) future it will be gone in osm.

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@RichardRichard you can see more about dealing with inaccessible nodes at the end of this article on Nodes, Streets and City Data

i like this one:
Just do it : ( not endorsed ) find a way to get the node, whatever it takes

well, that is exactly the problem, the road is accessible by foot, there is a bike lane and foot path so putting it to foot=no in OSM is wrong by definition. However, the CS nodes are more than 25m from the bike lane that i ran many times.
The suggestion from my local OSM guru is to set it to foot= use_sidepath wich should be the “official” OSM nomenclature so that is what i did.
Maybe i will just cross that street some day when traffic is low. :slight_smile:

A situation like that would give me the personal opinion i can manually complete that street. I won’t put myself in danger and my lifemap would show i have done the street in the most possible safe way.

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I ran down a driveway today, as when I ran the actual road, yesterday, I missed FOUR nodes at the end!

I need to get better at planning.

I did make the edit in OSM.

I’m finding lots of roads in my area that show in openstreetmap as ‘planned’. I’d suggest adding that to your list of types to exclude. For example the section of Kinsgate Way south of Clubhouse Lane here OpenStreetMap

oops, that’s just the edit link - I think you’ll have to exit editing mode to share the link to Kingsgate Way

Hmm, if I exit edit mode, it no longer shows the ‘planned’ section, but here’s the link that way OpenStreetMap. Or here’s the link the to the street if that helps Kingsgate Way in Richland, Washington - CityStrides