OSM Basics

Unfortunately both your suggestions won’t work for these two roads I am encountering. As it is dual carriage, maybe I will be allowed to put the lane that is unreachable by foot to foot=no in OSM.

That would be a great compromise, if the Way records are built that way in OSM.

I’ve run a single road like this.
Just run it an early sunday morning at 5 a.m.


@8f7162110d9eeaf907ab I just wanted add a note of thanks for the inclusion of the overpass turbo query link. I’m living in a new, dynamic, area and it is very useful to find missing OSM info (street names / access settings) that would have impacted my striding.

Hopefully all we Striding OSMers are making use of it. The hit count seems to say yes!

Hi @ericjrw, glad you’re finding it useful! I should probably update the query to reflect changes in what’s included, it’s likely out of date by now :sweat_smile:

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Oh, and also making sure my changes are working as intended!

And I was wondering if it was up to date. I made a mental note to look, but forgot.

I’m not seeing the edit tab on my OSM account… I’m using an Android phone, could that be the issue?

I don’t think the id editor (the default when you press edit on OSM) really works on mobile so it might be disabled. I do not see it either. There are some Android apps built for specific purposes, but unless that matches exactly with what you want, the experience is clunky at best. I would recommend using a laptop or desktop so you can use id on the website (advised) or josm as a standalone application (more powerful still, but a higher learning curve).

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