Only show parent city on activity pages


I have noticed on many activities that for streets that are in multiple cities, the street will have one entry for each of those cities (one for both parent and each nested city).

To use today’s walk activity… results this in 3 completed streets and 9 progressed into becoming 8 completed and 20 progressed individual streets (but with different city name below).

And you have to show/hide each (nested) city individually. So if you show two of three nested cities, then you have to hide each of those, and if you also show the parent city will you have to hide all three.

In other words can the the duplication of streets cause a pretty messy and confusing overview/list of streets.

Suggested solution:
The number of streets for the activities when viewing the list of activities on my profile and my homepage is correct, and I assume this excludes nested cities in the count. And that is also what should be used when viewing an activity.

Hope this make sense…