One missing run activity (not synced) after deleting another bike activity

Yesterday (2020-01-10), during my bike commute, my Garmin watch recorded wrong position data.
So, if the evening, I deleted the activity in Garmin and also in Strava.
Then, I went for a run.
This run activity ( didn’t sync with CityStrides.
Maybe, it’s because of the deleted morning commute?
The run activity of this morning (2020-01-11) synced just fine.
Can you do something about the missing run activity?
Anyway, thank you very much for your work on this website, it’s really wonderful.

Is anything listed for you in CityStrides - there’s a section at the top of the page that should display info if you have activities scheduled.

Hello James,
Thank you for your answer.
I didn’t know this status page so I didn’t check the status at the time.
But now I can see that my run activity for the 2020-01-10 has been synced correctly.
I don’t know if you did anything to fix it but it’s ok now.
And there is no activities scheduled in « Your activities scheduled for import:»
Anyway thank you again :slight_smile: