One last node is impossible to do

Hi, I just did Bay Road in Stoughton, Mass. and it appears as complete. That´s great. It still shows there is one last node to do. That node is in private property. Please, remove that last node. It is a very secluded area, and I don’t think it is safe or reasonable to go back.

This can be fixed by the same method I mentioned for your Jordan Dr question. :+1:

Awesome! Thanks!

You need to fix the street in OSM.

If this is an example of a road that is public over part of it and private over the other part, you need to:

  1. split the segment where the access changes, and
  2. tag the private section as being private

This isn’t that hard in OSM; I’ve done it several times.

Next you get to develop some patience as CS works out the process for updating the database.

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Cool. Thanks!