Number of Streets Completed . Something odd

I did a run yesterday split in two.
The first run shows only 2 streets completed but when I click on the 2 iit opens two pages of streets.
Is this a new bug?

The second also has a difference with 45 listed but 26 shown in the summary.

I got of to a good start for the month for another website that works on new distance not just streets :grinning:

Seems to be progressed streets are showing up in my list of completed . Maybe?

This street shows up as completed but I only did half and am missing a node.

At least the second example makes sense, even though there are 45 lines in the list, there are only 26 unique street names, e.g Norcia Way is listed three times, for City of Swan and also for the two nested cities it runs through, The Vines and Ellenbrook. This is the normal way of handling streets in nested cities. The first one is very strange…

The last one, Dunnet Drive, what percentage of the street have you reached? If it’s over 90% it’s counted as completed

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You’re seeing the result of “nested cities”. This is where there’s a large city (the parent city) which contains many smaller cities (the nested cities). This feature lets people work on smaller sections of very large places, while maintaining correct stats in your overall account.

Your counts/stats do not include nested cities - only the parent city data. This activity completed Gnangara Road in 4 different cities: Henley Brook, Aveley, Cullacabardee, and Whiteman.
Those 4 count as 1, since they’re the same street just in different level cities.

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But @JamesChevalier in the first example I see nine unique street names in the completed list, but at the top it says only two completed?

Wangara is nested in City of Wanneroo
Henley Brook is nested in City of Swan
Aveley is nested in City of Swan
Whiteman is nested in City of Swan
Ellenbrook is nested in City of Swan
Belhus is nested in City of Swan
The Vines is nested in City of Swan

Cullacabardee & Landsdale are the only two that aren’t nested

There’s mention somewhere - can’t find it now - of the idea of swapping out which level the stats come from. I recall the argument being good, something about e.g. Gnangara Road is four different streets because it spans 4 different cities.

Aha, now I see, I had misunderstood how this was done regards nested cities!

But as a follow up There seems to be something not quite OK with these in OSM, as according to Wikipedia Cullacabardee is really a part of City of Swan as well, and Landsdale is a part of City of Wanneroo

OSM looks right, and it seems like these should both be nested cities as well.

Cullacabardee is noted as being a suburb of City Of Swan (that’s a Nominatim link, and I’ve noticed those can go stale), and viewing the map for each displays Cullacabardee as entirely within City Of Swan. My code that determines whether a city is nested probably flaked out for some reason. I can look into those when I have a moment.

Yeah this is what confuses me because some streets are listed in both completed and progressed breakdowns but not in the tallies at the top of completed.
So I think they are completed for one suburb (or “city” as this site refers them) but not in the other suburbs. Guess they don’t add to the tally until the street is completed in all suburbs ?
I’m trusting James has it sorted .
Maybe I’ll run in just one suburb this weekend :rofl:

The count at the top is for completed streets in parent/top-level cities. The list of completed/progressed streets display all of them, nested and top-level cities alike.
The city name is displayed just under the street name, to help you see where that street is.

Similarly, your user ‘card’ displays your total streets completed in top-level cities.

To see your progress in a nested city, you can visit it from your profile page. This is a quirk of the site that I don’t really like … you can visit a city’s page, and you can visit “your view” of a city’s page when you get to it from the list of cities on your profile page.

Hopefully I haven’t just made things more confusing. :grimacing: :sweat_smile: