Nothing synced since 4/15

None of my activities have synced since 4/15.

Normally I sync via Strava, just this morning (4/24) I signed up to support so I could test Garmin syncing and that doesn’t seem to have synced anything yet, but not sure if that’s just a delay due to Garmin syncing in general.

Has anyone else had this issue? I tried pausing and re-starting my Strava syncing as well as issuing a Sync Now for Garmin.

Historic activity syncing for Garmin has not been implemented, so if you have Garmin sync set up now, the expected outcome is that every activity you complete after setting up the sync will come into CS. Previous activities are not expected to right now.

I am not exactly sure how the pause operation functions in regards to activities that were previously queued, but I do know that if you pause, wait a while (and run in the meantime), then un-pause, CS will NOT go try to sync any runs during the pause.