Not syncing

Hi joined a few days ago, but I have only managed to sync one of my strava runs (the one I did yesterday) nothing else has appeared… should I disconnect and reconnect strava

CityStrides is hitting Strava’s API limits, so activity syncing will be delayed for those accounts.
You can get a view of things here: CityStrides

I do need to rework that page a bit; it’s not displaying info on full-account syncing. That’ll affect new signups (people who need their full history synced) and anyone using the “sync now” feature.

There’s no overall limit to how many activities can sync into CityStrides. In the meantime, all anyone can do is wait.

Thanks for your patience!

Update: Please DO NOT disconnect/reconnect Strava :scream: that adds to the problem because it deletes all your data in CityStrides and then has to re-sync everything. I’ll add this info to the wiki category :+1:

I’ve picked up a few more runs but still missing a significant amount…

Yep. We’re still in it - keep an eye on CityStrides

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Firstly thanks for all you are doing… last weekends activity on 29th March still missing… I know there was a long list so am assuming that’s still on the go…
yesterday’s activity 4th April appeared in activities to be synced , has now disappeared but has not transferred to map… and final note I don’t have any activities before 20th Feb …
I am obviously happy to wait and will keep doing so … hoping it all gets sorted soon…

Slightly weird thing, been waiting 4 days for a run to sync, I don’t mind the wait, but sometimes my activity number shows on the ‘status’ page and sometimes it doesn’t?

Thank you again for keeping up with the influx of data!! Hopefully it slows up a bit and things catch up? I’ve currently have two on status page ( 4/2 & 4/3) and two missing from 3/28 & 3/29. :+1: