Not looking forward to next update

A couple of weeks ago someone on this forum pointed out a tool that helps find all those unnamed streets on OpenStreetMap: It highlights in red all the unnamed streets on OpenStreetMap.

And so I’ve been on a rampage trying to get rid of all the red in the city I’m running. Since my city is actively being developed, there’s a bunch of new developments with missing (or no) street names. Heck, I found through my runs two small sub-developments that didn’t exist on OSM at all. I added them last week to OSM.

One thing that helped me find a bunch of street names is the county property appraiser’s web site. It has a map of the county which includes all the parcel information, including owner, taxes paid, etc. It also includes street names.

After naming forty-one segments in OSM this morning, I just realized that the next update of my city will be adding a bunch of new roads on City Strides. This will push my completion percentage down, and the date of my eventual completion of the city that much farther into the future.

I also ran by the early stage of construction of yet two more subdevelopments while running that will add more streets to the city within the next year. And the local newspaper’s headline was about a golf course that’s going to be turned into yet one more development. This has turned into a race between my running and how fast the developers can pour concrete. (I suspect that I won’t be able to convince the City Commission to put a moratorium on new developments until I’ve reached 100%. Oh well.)

And once CityStrides adjusts for changes in city limits – along with new developments, we’re also annexing adjacent land – there will be even more streets to run.


Fredrik, you need to look on the bright side. With the next update, you will not have to go to elsewhere… Crap, just remembered, if you ran the “new” streets, CS will still pick them up, so you will complete them… But then why are you unhappy? This would imply you have not yet run the street? So you should be happy.

What am I missing? Or was it about meeting the completion date goal? Yeah, that’s a tough one.

Better lace up those shoes!



Each city government is run differently but if there is a ‘Planning department’ in yours, may want to check their site as well. Some will have maps with future street developments already laid out before ground is broken. Plus the maps are usually high quality enough that you could print out and frame if you want.

P.S. I like to think of these new developments as new places/adventures to explore and thus it takes the sting out of any completion percentage dropping.


I’m adding far more streets than I ran. So there still out there, waiting for me.

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I hadn’t thought about the planning department. Thanks for the idea.

I probably should also review the City Council agendas for new plats.

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I’m a big fan if updating from that site as well but agree that there is the fear that I will fix some nodes and find previously completed roads become uncompleted. However, for completeness this doesn’t bother me (maybe as I know it will be nigh on impossible to complete my local region!)