Nodes hit, but remain un-done


I’ve had a couple of runs where I’ve run right over the nodes and they aren’t being completed. To add insult to injury on this, this run showed 0 progressed, 0 completed.

The run was completed 14 days ago on Jan 17. 2019. so it wouldn’t seem to be a sync issue.

It also raised another challenge that, because nothing was hit on this run, I couldn’t flag that obvious miss, 13th St, which is a gated community.

Is there any way, short of re-running these, that the nodes can be marked as complete? In this case, to mark the street complete, it would complete a whole street in another part of the city, which I don’t want to do.


This is a weird one, and requires more research…
You shouldn’t have to re-run anything - I should get the code to correctly match your running data to the city data. It seems like that isn’t happening for some reason.

Let me do a little more digging to see if I can sort this out.


I really appreciate it James. Thank you for all of your hard work!!


Hey, this looks exactly like the problem I posted about recently…nodes still showing for streets definitely completed.


Ooh, yeah, thanks for pointing that out!


Similar to my issue from yesterday that I messaged you about for my run

Although, it did mark most of my nodes hit, there were a couple on 151st St that remain red. When you zoom in, those nodes are sitting well off the street, so I’m guessing I wasn’t close enough to the threshold to get those complete.