Node placement and sidewalks

So I have run this street a couple of times, however, I run on the sidewalk and it looks like the nodes are on the street. How do you handle something like this. Don’t want run on the street, speed limit is 45 or 50 and lots of traffic.

Below it is the workout. The street is FM423, there is one node that I marked in OSM as accessible for foot traffic, since there is not sidewalk there, so I assume it will be picked up when the next update happens. But there are two that I have run right past a couple of times.

The link you provided goes to the main CityStrides site so we can’t see the activity you are referring to. An activity link should look like CityStrides. You’ll also want to make sure the activity is set to public or else even if you provide the link, we won’t be able to access it.

Nodes are checked off if your activity’s GPS reports coordinates within 25 meters of a node. So unless this is a really wide street, you may also have an issue with GPS wobble. It’s a common issue in cities with large buildings, could happen in bad weather or variety of other reasons. You could try using a GPS editor to edit your activity’s GPX file and then re-upload but that can be a pain as it can sometimes require editing hundreds of nodes.

If as you say it’s a dangerous segment, take the easy route and mark it off manually (see ‘Capturing Inaccessible Nodes’ at bottom). Tl;dr - If you’ve run every segment of road you feel comfortable running yet there are a couple nodes you don’t feel safe getting, go to the street’s page and select the Mark as manually complete button.

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Try running on the other side of the street. Theoretically, all you need to do is run within 25 meters of the node. So most nodes are hard to miss.

By the way, your link doesn’t work. Are your activities marked private?

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