Node hunter on city borders

Node hunter misses city border nodes.
Example: Schiltigheim, Grand Est - CityStrides
The node hunter doesn’t find anything although 3 streets are incomplete.

Interesting … my query must be requiring the Nodes to be entirely within the city border.
I’ll see if I can fix it up…

Update: Seems like an easy enough fix. Switching from ST_Within to ST_CoveredBy lets Node Hunter return nodes along the border. That’ll go out in the next release.
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Great, thanks James!

Is that unique to that city? If not, I wonder how many people will lose 100% because they missed a single node at the border on one or more streets in their cities…

I am kinda looking forward to finding out :wink:

Also, will this change be re-evaluated on all cities the next time they get updated or only if there is a change to the street in question?

Although the node hunter doesn’t show me any missing nodes, I’m only 98.79% complete for that city and I do have 3 incomplete streets referenced.
So the correction won’t change anything for the completion numbers, everyone keeps their 100%! :triumph:

I’m just curious about streets like the one on the west side of this small city:

I have not run “Weston Rd” because when I did the city it didn’t say there were any nodes on it, but with the change @JamesChevalier has carried out, I wonder if there will be a string of nodes along the western border that are added.

Maybe, maybe not - I guess it comes down to the exact location of the nodes vs city border.

I am not disappointed, I always wondered why it was the way it was (but not enough to run the street when i drove there previously, I guess) :laughing:

I have an interesting situation in Stockholm. This street Norra Vägen has 11 nodes Norra vägen - CityStrides
But then we have the “boroughs” that make up Stockholm as nested cities. The boundary bewteen two boroughs run exactly on Norra Vägen (or most of it). So if I look at Rinkeby-Kista stadsdelsområde I don’t see the street at all.
And If I look at the neighbour Spånga-Tensta stadsdelsområde I only see a small part of Norra vägen Norra vägen - CityStrides, but not the part running along the boundary.
So I can see that one of my fellow striders have worked the boroughs one by one, only looking at Node hunter, so he has missed this street (or at least nine of the nodes on the boundary. When he starts checking Node hunter for the whole of Stockholm, this steet will be incomplete

This doesn’t affect progress at all, it’s entirely a display issue that only occurs with Node Hunter. I’ll try to explain more, but I am worried I’m about to confuse things more… :grimacing: :sweat_smile:

The data is structured in a way that sets up relations from node → street → city → region → country
This structure is used for progress calculations - if a node exists, it will factor into your progress in that street/city.

Node Hunter is just querying for any nodes in the database within the current view, and on city pages it’s applying an additional limit of nodes within the city border. So that bug of excluding nodes on the border was only affecting the display, not your actual progress.

For example, Weston Rd that you mentioned - Weston Road - CityStrides - exists in CityStrides and has nodes. The fact that they’re on the city border doesn’t affect anything, because the relationship of node → street → city is valid.

Thanks. That actually makes total sense. Scary. :scream: