Node Colour/Color

Has the colour of nodes changed?
I swear completed nodes used to be green, but on my recent run all nodes (completed/or not) are red.

Completed Nodes should still be green and others should still be red. If you’re logged out or if you’re not looking at your own data, all Nodes should be blue.

If you’re on this page and you click the street names, are those Nodes properly displayed as green/red?

Is there another page you’re on that has incorrect colors?

Ah that was the page I was looking at, but maybe too soon after the run.
The completed nodes are green now. Sorry.

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Oh great!
Yeah, it’s a bit more of a multi-step process … the activity gets synchronized over and then all the progress is figured out - it can take a while to completely finish especially if there’s a lot of other background work going on.

I’m glad it’s sorted out now!