No updates since May 4, many walks before that never synced

I know from looking at the forums that there are issues with syncing info from Strava, but I’m not sure if my situation is extreme – none of my Strava info has shown up in Citystrides since May 4, and I’ve logged a walk just about every day since then.

Also, prior to May 4, there were delays in syncing, which didn’t bother me too much. The problem was that oftentimes, only the most recent walk would sync and several others from before that would just never show up. I log in and out of both sides periodically, but if there’s anything else I can do to have a more accurate reflection in Citystrides, I’d love to know.

Hi @5ff5e53c019d7881e38d (Christine),

Do you record directly through the Strava app, or just something else like a Garmin watch?

Directly in the Strava app, on my phone.