No streets

Hi . I joined last week and although runs have synced, I have 0 streets - is this a timing issue ?

Yeah, likely due to the recent increased load. Can you share your profile link? It can be found in the top right menu.

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CityStrides Thanks

Think that was what needed ?

Yes, it’s just going to take a significant amount of time to fully sync. There are some details of the current state at CityStrides

thanks… I’ll keep waiting but still nothing… do I need to add ‘city’ anywhere?

not sure where to be looking at here to see the status of updating completed streets? numbers. look pretty low…

Historical syncing is very delayed and very slow because of the low limit Strava places on CityStrides. I have tried reaching out to them for an increase and they have not responded.
I’m doing my best to get everyone’s history into CityStrides, but this is going to take a lot of patience.