No street progression

My run from yesterday ( 2May) doesnt show progressed streets. It did sync but two new roads didnt get progressed ( “Vissersdijk Beneden” and “provinciale weg”.

I love the app, i would never have ran over the petrol station, just to get some additional nodes :rofl: . Somebody have got to stop me from swimming the many canals here to just get to the nodes that are out there :wink:


Yeah, like a hundred people showed up the other day so now the system is working through a large backlog of work. It’s down to about 4 million jobs now, so I think it’ll wrap up today.

ah, ok. I had seen maps taking some time to get synced but never that it missed street completion before. Ill try to be patient and give a shout when it completed.
Gratz on the hundred new citystriders.

Yup, they have wrapped up now.

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