No map associated with activity

I recently found the site and think it’s great. I imported my data from MapMyRun. I have 87 pages worth of data. I’ve noticed that every entry for all my runs since March of 2019 have no map associated with the activity. So the entries are syncing, but without maps. Can this be fixed?

I just removed those “empty” activities & started a new sync… let me know how the newly-synced activities look.

Wow, thanks for the quick response! I’m still seeing ‘no map associated with activity’. My settings in map myrun were all set to private. Would changing that make a difference?

Only if you’re not logged into CityStrides. You can verify that by looking at the top right - if it’s a menu, you’re logged in & if it’s sign in/up links you’re not.

:thinking: I’ll try to take a closer look later today.

(edited for clarity) The MapMyRun API responses tell me that there is no timeseries data (collection of GPS coordinates) for these activities CityStrides or CityStrides or CityStrides

Do those activities have a map in MapMyRun?

They do have maps in mapmyrun. But I entered them manually. I did not use a gps device. Could that be the reason?

Yeah that could be it.
Sounds like MMR doesn’t consider manually entered maps to be time series data, and don’t pass that song in their API. That makes sense in that there’s no time data that pairs with those manually created maps & the only GPS-type data would be the individual clicks that created the map - those would be sparse enough to be useless in completing nodes.

Darn it. I’m sorry I didn’t mention sooner that they were manually created in MMR. I was afraid that might be a problem. I really appreciate you looking into it and I really enjoy the site. I guess I’ll have to switch to actually using a GPS device.