No activities on lifemap

My supporter month just ended and the lifemap no longer shows any activities. My profile contains all activities, they just don’t show on the map.

The activities are visible again.:+1:

I’ve also had this problem for a few weeks now! Completly blank lifemap now my supporter month has run out. Even if I try on my phone or microspfy Edge :frowning:

I just queued up the job to rebuild your LifeMap. There’s no delay in that queue right now, so you should see it fixed in a few minutes.

Let me know if you don’t.

Hi James, thank you very much. After weeks of no lifemap, it’s very good to see it back! (Yes I’m a nerd, haha)

Definitely don’t wait weeks next time you have an issue - subscriber or not. While there can be delays (Status) on the scale of hours, I wouldn’t expect issues to even creep into the scale of days.
Also, try to include relevant links (profile, etc) with your issue reports. These help me fix things up faster. :smiley:

Have fun out there!

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