Newly created challenge seems to have some issues

I created a challenge for 2023 streets and it seems to have a few issues.
First issue is that I set the dates to be 1/1/23-12/31/23 and 1/1/24 is included.
Second issue is that for completed streets it is listing streets that I have run so far this year (but I had completed previously) as streets completed which was not my intention.
Third issue is that it is counting streets run on 12/31/2022.
Last issue is that I am unable to edit or leave this challenge so I can’t play around with it and fix it.
Link to the challenge: Challenge: 2023 Streets in 2023 - CityStrides

Sounds like this may be a time zone issue causing the additional dates to be included.

@JamesChevalier thoughts?

I am pretty sure that the default for challenges is to create a “clean slate” where the completion of nodes and streets is calculated based only on what is done during the challenge window, ignoring any previous completions or progressions.

If you want to be able to create a different type of challenge that tracks the streets you complete towards your overall total in a time period, you can suggest it in Ideas

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There was a challenge during 2022 that only counted streets completed for the first time in 2022. Maybe it was a challenge created by Jim or someone with more admin options on the site.

I was unaware of that challenge.

2022 streets in 2022 was the only year-long challenge I was part of for 2022 and it operated on a blank slate for the year.

That’s the one I was referring to. After looking into it more I realized that you are correct in it working that way. Since I rarely repeat streets I guess I just never noticed the occasional repeat road that was “completed” in that challenge.