Newer activités not syncing

Hi there,

My activities on mapmyrun are no longer syncing since the 17April. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks

Try logging out of CityStrides and then back in. Don’t revoke access from your tracking service. Let me know when you’ve done that and I’ll run a sync for your account.

Sometimes CityStrides can lose access to an account because the token expired. Log out and log in fixes that.


Hi thanks for the reply - yep I checked the FAQS and have tried logging in and out a couple times - have just done it again thanks

Alright I just started that sync. Sorry for the confusion- logging in/out alone won’t do everything, there’s an extra step for me. I’ll try to remember to update that :sweat_smile:

Fantastic - all working. Thanks a lot :slight_smile: