Newbie, please help - any general SOPs on here?

Hello and Happy New Year fellow Striders. Greetings from Dublin. I’m relatively new and confused. Can someone please help?

  1. I walk new streets almost every day, though most days this site (after syncing) shows 0 completed, 0 progressed. I just don’t get it. ??
  2. Also, I searched around the Forum and saw references to “nodes”. But I don’t see an explanation of how to see them/use them/understand them, etc.?
  3. Which leads me to the overall general question - is there a “SOP” of sorts here somewhere that gives an overall explanation of how to do what we’re all trying to do?

Thanks much. Sorry if all this is answered somewhere, but I’ve dug and dug and don’t see a comprehensive “How to” page.



Hi Shawn,
Welcome to the forum!
Have you checked the wiki yet? Wiki - CityStrides Community
Infos about nodes for example: About the Node, Street, and City Data
You should find some general information there to get started.
Why you have 0 progress on new streets, I don’t know, might be a bug…


Hi Shawn, and welcome.

If you could post a link to your profile, it will be easier to look at your activities, if you don’t have them as private that is.

The link will look like this, with your CS #: Eric Wes - CityStrides

Note: I think there a way to that from the forums, but I’m not remembering it.

If you have any questions after reading the FAQ, post back.

Happy New Year!

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Hello Shawn and welcome.

When the sync first happens it will show 0 completed and 0 progressed. When the data has been processed you will see information on new streets completed or progressed.

If you have an example walk that you have done where you think a street was newly covered then you can have a look at the city view of your progress (Dublin, County Dublin - CityStrides) here you can see which are the 3963 streets that you have not completed and which are 225 that you have done. Both of those lists are searchable so pop the name of the street you think you have newly completed/progressed in and see which of the lists it is showing on. If it is on the completed list already then that will be why you are not credited with the completion as part of the new walk.

If you have a street that is on the not completed list but you think you have done it then click on the link to “go” to the street details. That will show you all the points (nodes) that make up that street and which ones you have completed already. There is something to watch out for here in that when there are multiple streets in the city with the same name then you need to complete all the instances of the street before it will be marked as completed. Names like “Church Lane” are always contenders for this situation and I see that there are a few in Dublin… Church Lane in Dublin, County Dublin - CityStrides

Hope that helps,



Aha, thank you! I didn’t see the wiki yet, will peruse it. :ok_hand:t4:

Thanks, Eric! My profile is Shawn AW 🌱 🦔 - CityStrides
December 27th’s walk is a good example - I walked 8.18 miles and a whole bunch of new streets. Yet CS still shows 0 progressed, 0 completed.

I’ll peruse the wiki (which I hadn’t seen prior); hopefully it will answer my questions.

It’s been pretty frustrating walking so many miles and seeing so little progress thus far.

Thanks, Michael! Interesting about the streets with duplicate names - I had wondered about that. That probably explains some of my issue. I’ll try what you wrote about in paragraph 2. I walked 8.1 miles on Dec. 27, for example, with a whole bunch of new streets, yet CS still shows 0/0. Maybe the data processing jumps around, I don’t know, but I have a whole lot of 0/0 days, mixed in with a few that show some progress. It’s been pretty frustrating thus far to walk so much but see so little progress. :frowning:


I’ve had a look at the trace you suggested and I have a theory as to why you are seeing the 0 completed 0 progressed figures. I think that the area you are recording the streets in actually isn’t included in CityStrides for some reason. If you look at your profile you can see that you have progressed Dublin and also places such as the “Municipal District of Bray” with streets there being marked as completed. I think on the recent walks you are completing streets in the “Municipal District of Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown”. If you go to this page Cities - CityStrides you can search for cities and putting municipal district in as the search term brings back a whole range of areas of Ireland but not where you are. So I think the problem is most likely some aspect of the data in Open Street Maps for that area is such that it is not getting picked up and included as one of the “cities’ in CityStrides and hence your streets in that area are not triggering completions. A bit of further digging revealed this statement " Apart from Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown, Fingal, South Dublin, Dublin City, Cork City and Galway City, all local authority areas are divided into municipal districts with councillors simultaneously representing the municipal district and the local authority.” on Local government - LGMA So, my guess is that there is something about the Open Streets Map data for this area which is meaning that it is not currently included although other parts of Ireland are being picked up. At this point I am somewhat out of my depth in terms of figuring out what needs to change to fix this. @JamesChevalier or someone with a much deeper understanding of OSM will need to take a look at this I suspect.

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Oh my goodness, Michael - thanks for your stellar sleuthing. Wow. So helpful - I really appreciate it. :star2: :star2: :star2:

@shawnwistrom So that link is interesting… The map shows a few “cities”, including Dublin, but others in that map area, i.e. Dundrum, Black Rock and Dun Laoghaire are not in the city list. So I can’t really tell which city you were in… But I doubt it is in the CD database…

And that makes me think there was not enough info present when CityStrides was adding cities.

I think there’s something in the wiki about adding a city, and it starts by adding it to a public google spreadsheet, a link to which should be mentioned on the adding a city wiki page. If you don’t see that, a search should find it, as it might be a forum post.

Since I don’t know the other cities near you, you could search for others near you, that are in CS. I did something similar, and found one with just 23 streets near a place I go to on weekends. I’ve also added a few places, to the spreadsheet, that I would like to target someday.

Also, I think if you get the city into CS, CS should reprocess you for that city, so all is not lost.

Good luck and Happy New Year!


Edit: Well I see @mcoleman38 did a bang up job on explaining things too!


@ericjrw - this is great. I didn’t know about adding cities to the database. I’ll delve into that, too. Sure appreciate your quick responses, you and @mcoleman38 and @Inqu. What a great forum group here. A Happy New Year to you all - and happy walking and running onward! :walking_woman:t4: :running_man:t4: :running_woman:t4:

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