New to the site, My runs stopped syncing Feb 14th, 2017


Any reason as to why only my 2016 and runs through Feb 14th, 2017 are syncing from MapMyRuns?


I just started up another sync for you (actually I saw there were three Scott Greens so I ran a sync for all of you :smile:) so the rest should come through in ? 1-3 hours ?
Let me know if it still doesn’t look ok after a few hours…

Oh! Also! :flushed: Welcome to CityStrides!! :grimacing: :laughing:


NICE! Looks like it is churnign through the newer ones now - Up to June 7th, 2017.


So happy to have found your website, it’s really cool to been able to see our runs on a same map ! But I’ve got the same problem as rsgreen3 : most of my activities had been “synch” but there is no map associated for a lot of them. Could you help me seen them on the map ?
Thanks !


Let me know how things look in a few hours @bastien.peuziat


Thanks a lot for having answering me ! Unfortunately, nothing happen on my map…


Same problem on my account. The 2018 runs between May 14th and July 21st did not have a map associated with them, so I deleted them from citystrides hoping that they would synch correctly after an update. But so far they didn’t. Could you take a look at them?


I started another sync for you just now, but there’s a large backlog so this work could take a while to complete.

I have a more automated way of handling activities with no map associated, so if you notice that issue in the future feel free to let me know here & I can fix those up for you.



This ‘no maps associated’ issue shows up on quite a few of mine from Jan 2016 - Feb 2017

My Profile is;

Also, if I do not want a map to show up on citystrides LifeMap, how would I go about removing it?
I would have to find out which date it is and I would be happy to delete it from MapMyRun.

Just curious on how you would recommend.



Thanks for your help James!


I am also experiencing issues with syncs (mine are from Strava). Nothing between October 16 and December 23 has synced for me, although everything before and after these dates has. I’m not sure what additional info I could provide to help with a sync – let me know. Definitely no rush at all on this. Thanks for the site!


I haven’t taken care of your ‘no maps associated’ issue yet, @rsgreen3, but I wrote up this process to describe how you can hide individual activities from your LifeMap:


Hey @jen.l.walsh … I started another sync for you, so hopefully those activities start appearing in CityStrides soon. There’s a bit of a backlog, so it could take some time to fully complete.


You’ve probably already noticed this, but a lot of new users have no public display of any info. Not sure if this impacts the user as well or just other users’ ability to view “competitors”. However, I’d suggest against max privacy (if that’s the case) as a default since it’s fun to have friendly competitions in completing a city with as many people as possible in the cities you run. It’s possible it’s just a severe backlog issue as well. In that latter case, new users may become discouraged and not check city strides again after initial intrigue.


All issues (for me) seem to be resolved.
The majority of the activities that showed ‘no maps associated’ were the result of no map data on the MapMyRun site where Sync’d from. I deleted those as well as the CityStride activity and all look good now.

I did the same with any activities that had Bad GPS Trails, Deleted from both sites and it cleared on my LifeMap.

VERY happy user now and am on a quest to run every street in my hometown !


I’m having a similar issue with the initial sync from Strava. It seems to have stopped importing activities I completed recently when I uploaded an older run to Strava. Everything from late Jan 2018-Nov 2018 was ignored (see I see that you’ve started re-synces for others, but didn’t see a way for me to initiate one. Can I start a re-sync or is it an admin only? Thanks for your help.