New run and new completed streets, but

Hi, i was asking myself what is happening on the run from today and a few days ago. I have a cityrun done with defnitely streets i didn’t complete untill today, but the streets are been put to completeness in the past! It looks like the run where i most recently passed a node, is put to complete on that date and not on today. Anyone can explain this?

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I have experienced the same. It seems like only streets with no previous completed nodes appear as completed in the activities. Other completed streets can be find as completed in the “Streets run” but has no connection to the run it was completed.

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:thinking: I pushed out a change three days ago that I thought was going to fix this:
Recent run with no streets progressed (July 7) - #13 by JamesChevalier

I’ll take another look…

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Hey @pettersunde & @petje … Can you share a link to a recent activity (within the last 3 days) that should have completed streets, but does not?

Anything synchronized within the last 3 days, and anything in the future, should properly note completed streets. Anything older than 3 days might have an incorrect street completion displayed (there was an issue with the code for a little while where it would associate the street completion with a random activity that happened to progress it, instead of either the first or the last activity that touched it).

Just happened to me today, for the first time. I ran like 20 streets but only 2 show completed for this run, the rest were completed, but seemingly at odd days in the past.

Here is today’s run: Mitch LeBlanc's Activity on September 10, 2017 - CityStrides
Here is a street I completed today: Mitch LeBlanc - CityStrides

But it says I completed it on August 26th.

My activity August 26th was nowhere near there: Mitch LeBlanc's Activity on August 26, 2017 - CityStrides

Same for this street (which I definitely just ran today) Résidence de l'Aéroport in Mont-de-l'Enclus, Wallonie - CityStrides
(And I definitely was nowhere near there on August 14th)

Run from September 7th: Petter Sunde Andresen's Activity on September 7, 2017 - CityStrides

Some of the streets completed on that run but wrongly dated:
Óbrennbergi út in Sopron, Győr-Moson-Sopron megye - CityStrides (June 12th)
Chemin de Lalande in Saint-Germain-du-Puch, Nouvelle-Aquitaine - CityStrides (June 6th)
An der Steige in Dietenhofen, Bayern - CityStrides (June 7th)
Ohmstraße in Dietenhofen, Bayern - CityStrides (May 15th)

Let know, if I should give my run from yesterday, or above is enough

These examples should be enough.

Thanks everyone - I hope to be able to take a look at this during my lunch break today and/or after work.

I’ll reply back when I’ve got something more.

Update: I’m pretty sure I’ve spotted the problem & I think I can wrap it up now. If I don’t finish up the fix now, I expect to be able to do it after work tonight.

Update: ok, I’ve got the actual for real for real fix up now … let me know if you see any more incorrectly completed streets. I might be able to fix existing bad completions, but to be honest I’m not incredibly interested in working on that.

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I wouldn’t worry about it!

Correcting the existing completeness would be a “nice to have”. Lifemap still looks good, with or without the completeness date! Only “monthly streets completed” count is not reflecting the reality. But who looks at that! :grin::grin:

I run later today, and there should be a lot of streets coming to completeness today. one picture pre run:

And below the pic after run:

Looking good so far!