New roads updates

Hey James,

Just a quick question around how Citystrides updates new roads that are built.

I went for a run yesterday and ran a couple of new roads that, on my LifeMap, look like they’re running through empty space. How / how often are these brought in to keep the LifeMap up to date? It is something that we (as users) can / need to do manually, or is there a periodic update from OSM that will deal with this?


I’m not sure if you’re talking about the visual map or if you’re talking about the street being listed in the site (on the city page).

The street being listed on the page is data from OSM.
The street being displaying on the map, visually, is all up to Mapbox.

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I had been initially meaning displaying visually on the map, but I guess both really.

Are individual roads things that just come in when the info updates from those two sources? (I’m not totally up to speed with how it works but trying to understand!)

I haven’t built the update-from-OSM piece yet. That’s the idea, though.

Cool! Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: