New OSM streets don't show as completed in CS

I just saw that citystrides has pulled an update for University Endowment Lands (British Columbia, Canada). While one street that does not exist finally also does not show on citystrides anymore, several new streets have been correctly added. However, there seems to be an issue with those streets. None of them shows as complete even if people (not just me) already ran them. Also when you click “show” for any of those streets, it does not show any nodes.

Specifically I see this behaviour for:
Crooked Branch Road
fire lane
Shortcut Road
Top Trail
West King Edward Avenue

Any idea what is wrong or suggestions what to do about it. The streets show nodes in OSM and seem to be are correctly mapped there.

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If you click the ‘Go’ button for any of those streets, you’ll see that you’re taken to a page that shows zero nodes. That’s a known issue from my earlier global update code - I’ve since fixed that and the next update will clean those streets up. Sorry for the confusion!


Thank you for the quick update, James. Good to know.