New Nodes in City

I tend to be extremely meticulous on my runs, completing all known nodes. What I’m noticing now is that new nodes have emerged in several cities I’ve run, including my home city.

A few screen shots are attached.

I’m assuming this has to do with the new data source and that I have some catch up to do…

Noteworthy, I’m still having the same issue with incomplete streets and absent progress in most of the Cities I’ve run in, despite the fact that the purple lines now register node completion.

Also - New York City no longer has it’s own map.

Yeah, the progress issue is covered in City and Street progress missing
The fact that there are new nodes shouldn’t be an issue if my code actually worked :grimacing: because any new nodes will be automatically marked as complete if you’ve run them at some point in the past.
I guess it could be an issue in that new nodes that you haven’t run past (like some in your screenshot) would not be marked as complete - so you could have some streets that were completed but now aren’t because there are more nodes. The good thing in this case is that the OSM guidelines of “how many nodes should a street have” hinge on the geometry of the street - they only want to add enough nodes to make the map correct & no more … This means that new nodes for a street are going to better articulate corners/dividers/bends/etc.

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It looks like I’ll have to import New York City separately, because it’s at admin level 5. I can do that after I get everyone’s progress updated.

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