New cities to add


I would love to see Dresden, Germany in citystrides


McKinney, TX


Irondequoit NY, Penfield NY, Brighton NY please


Hartney, Manitoba, Canada


Fenwick Island, Delaware


please add Hamilton County, OH


A bumped request for Colchester, CT and Lebanon, CT, please. :slight_smile: You have a LOT of CT people on here! I bet if you did a per capita data analysis CT would come out on top. :slight_smile: Thanks for the site! I have a lot of fun filling in my lifemap.


The trouble with CT is that a lot of its cities aren’t properly entered into OpenStreetMap.

So we end up with places like Lebanon that don’t have a proper city border (and are present in OSM as ‘node’ records and not ‘relation’ records) … Which you can compare to places like Colchester that do have a proper boarder and are present as ‘relation’ records.

Then there’s the complication of the query that I have to run in order to collect this data. Taking Colchester as another example - I saw that it had all the stuff I typically need, but it still wasn’t being returned. :confounded: I think it’s because its ‘Admin Level’ is 15, whereas other cities are typically 6.
On the positive side, Colchester has the one piece of data that can let me proceed - so Colchester should be added soon. :wink:


Ooooh Lebanon. :joy::joy: That’s not even a little bit surprising for a town where cows and chickens out-populate people so dramatically, thanks for responding! :slight_smile::pray:t3: Adding Colchester is exciting!


Adding Mechelen to the wishlist



Greece, NY, USA


I would love to see Denmark, Wisconsin added to this list!


Napier, New Zealand



Rush, NY, USA.


All the major German cities are missing: Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Francfort, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf and I could go on… If there is a way to change that, I think you would gain quite a few fans.


San Antonio, Texas


Mechelen is already there (like almost all Flemish municipalities):


Inverness, Scotland


Sun Peaks, British Columbia, Canada


Please add Seymour, CT