New cities to add

Münster, Germany (

Thanks a lot!

San Luis Obispo, CA (USA). Thanks!

Cerbère in France

To piggyback off of caroline from last week, can we get:
orcutt, ca, usa
Santa maria, ca, usa
as well? (They’re near san luis obispo). Santa maria is in the database but it’s only 2 streets for some reason.
Thanks so much!

Pacific Grove, CA, USA

Seoul, South Korea
Marina, CA

My old home, and my new home.

Love this site. Thank you!

Please add Coaldale, Alberta :canada:

Could you please add Canberra, ACT, Australia?

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monteria colombia

Alès and Nîmes, in France would be great.


Reeseville, Wisconsin

Please add Pretoria, South Africa

Madison, Wisconsin please

Harwinton, CT please :slight_smile:

Millcreek, Utah has a population of around 60,000. Not big but would be a welcome addition to your cities list if possible!

Saint-Flour, France has only church and rivers, but no roads listed.

The addition of Arras, France, would be great.

Thanks in advance

Hamilton, Michigan, United States

Jan Thiel in Curacao

Puerto Del Carmen in Lanzerote

Riga, Latvia

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