Need help removing nodes

It will also help if you can share links to these streets in CityStrides.

CityStrides is definitely a running/walking site, not a swimming site, so hopefully someone can help clean these up for you. :smiley:


Hahaha thanks James, I am glad to hear that I dont need to learn to swim to complete the area, :wink:

Porthcawl, Cymru / Wales - CityStrides is the link

its the temp rough shoreline maker ones that need deleting under the Porthcawl, Wales area.

the other one is St James Rise under Coychurch lower in bridgend, wales. This is behind a police barrier inside a main police station headquarters and as tempted as I’ve been to jump the barrier and make a run for it I don’t think its a great idea and don’t think they police will understand my reasoning for trespassing.
Thanks so much guys

It’s tagged as a golf cartpath.

I’d love for people smarter with OSM to chime in - this looks like the way should be deleted from OSM, to me.

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I am not that experienced with mapping coasts, but that tagging looks plain stupid. But who knows? Send a message to the lat change person (Hiblet) and ask what this line should be

What is the best way to report issues? I have run into some road types that aren’t really roads (unmaintained track road is one example) in OSM, but they have nodes showing in Citystrides.

@feldpauschmkr Can you share a link to the area in question?

My guess would be to change the “Feature Type” in OSM. There is an “Unmaintained Track Road” option. I do not believe these are imported by CS.

PS. Somewhere there is a list of what gets imported, but I can’t seem to find it. Is there not a FAQ? I thought for sure it would be in the Wiki.

edit: just realized you mentioned “unmaintained track road”, so I’m guessing you got that from OSM? If so, I am at a loss as to why it was imported, and @JamesChevalier is going to look at it… So a link will really help (him).

One point to consider is that the road needs to have a name to be imported to CS. I’ve had some tracks with names like ”Golf course access” which is not a real name of course, so I deleted the name field and put this in the Description field instead. So no name, and gone in the next import


It’s in this wiki post or direct link to Google Doc.

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unmaintained track roads with a name are imported. I also want those in there (my personal view). But an unmaintained track should be really a ‘road’. in my region those are tractor roads and field tracks.

Sorry for the dumb question, but how do I share a link to an area?

Thanks for the tip!

Easiest way is just to be on the page, and then copy the address that’s in the browser.

I’m not an Apple person, but in Windows a triple left-click in the address bar selects all the text, then a right click gives the option to copy. You can then paste it with a Ctrl-V (or a right click menu).

Hope that helps

I’m walking all of Berkeley CA and some of the “streets” are actually courtyards inside buildings on the UC Berkeley campus! Kinda funny. Also a lot of streets are private streets that are part of the National Laboratory and a guard won’t let you walk them :frowning:

Also how do I get my photo to appear on city strides? I have a photo on Runkeeeper but it didn’t follow over.

If they have a guard then those should be marked as private or permissive in OSM. Otherwise they will continue to live in CityStrides as available streets to complete.

See here. It’s currently a less than ideal workflow that likely won’t be changed in the short term as it’s a low priority item. Feel free to help vote it up to get attention though.

How do I mark as private? I am new to this

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To add to what @hjkiddk shared (lot of good info in that whole thread), when I first started with OSM, it gave me an option to go through a tutorial. I found it very helpful.

If you don’t get the option, see this: Interactive tutorial to getting started editing OSM - OSM Help

And there is also this page: OpenStreetMap ← Help page.

Personally, I find updating OSM almost as much fun as CS.

PS. While there are many OSM editors, I found the default web-based OSM editor (not sure of the name) more than adequate for my edits.

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I wonder about the removing nodes process in CityStrides. I found part of a street as a restricted area. A few days ago it was tagged as a private in OSM, but still, unachievable nodes in CityStrides show up. As I understand, it should be updated in a couple of hours; what could be the reason?

Cities are updated about once every month on CityStrides.
If you visit the city page, you can see when it was last updated.


To clarify Henrik’s explanation -

The changes you make in OSM are implemented in different ways to Citystrides.

The VISUAL map you see when checking your lifemap is an OSM map distributed by Mapbox, so the appearance of the map will update as soon as Mapbox updates their data based on the OSM data.

The NODE information is local to Citystrides. @JamesChevalier’s code looks at the OSM data, parses it and then processes the user’s runs based on that information. That update is a bit server-intensive since it has to re-check every single CS user’s data to make any adjustments to what they have or haven’t completed. For this reason, it does a few cities at a time and goes through a cycle of every city in the world covered by Citystrides as often as it is able based on how long it takes to re-process them (more changes or more users in a city might require more load/longer processing time)

So while your change is indeed almost immediate in OSM, there is some delay between when the OSM change is complete and it is fully reflected in CS

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