Name not included in route export

When I export a route from CS the export file is no longer given the name of the route. Instead, it is saved with a generic timestamp name. This used to happen occasionally, but since September all my routes have exported like that. Is this an intentional change?
The weird thing is that the timestamps are not even accurate. For example, I exported a route today (2021-11-10) that was named 2021-11-14t00-00-00-00-00(6).gpx. :thinking:

I think this is because you are replicating the date format of a route that doesn’t have a custom name entered. Taking your provided route name, the parentheses (and likely other special characters) get parsed out and then you’ll left with YYYY-MM-DD; which is close to the non-custom name format of YYYY-MM-DD + UTC time. Since yours is technically a custom name but ends up like a non-custom after parsing, that is likely why you get the zero UTC time.

Recommend instead to use underscores in the date. So a route name of 2021_11_11 exported with correct name for me in testing.

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Sorry, I was a bit unclear in my post. The route has a name in CS (m 14_2 donhergasse), I included the date to show that the export string doesn’t match the current date.

That’s funny … I’m building the file name in a way that interprets “m 14_2 donhergasse” as a date. So it’s translating “m 14_2 donhergasse” out to “2021-11-14t00-00-00-00-00”.

I’ve adjusted that so it’ll be translated out to “m-14_2-donhergasse” and dates (un-named routes) will translate out to e.g. “2021-02-10-19-55-30-utc”.
This change will be included when I do the next release.

I checked the export files, it looks like the name-as-a-date started when I changed my naming convention to start with something like “m 14_2”. It never occurred to me that this might be the cause :laughing:
Thanks for fixing it in the next release :slight_smile: