My profile doesn't list all progressed cities

Is there a minimum distance or number of nodes for a city to be listed as In Progress on your profile page? I’ve got a few cities that I’ve been to (usually as a tourist). I’ve recorded walks there and the activity shows in CS, but the City itself doesn’t list on my profile page, even though the activities show Progressed streets.

My profile: Gene Kaufman - CityStrides

Flagstaff, AZ

New Holland, PA


Could it be you haven’t completed any streets, only progressed?

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Thanks, @hjkiddk - I think that you might be on to something! These cities and others do not show any completed streets, and those cities on my list at the bottom of the %list show only a single completed street. I sure hope that this wasn’t in an FAQ that I overlooked!

Click any one of those activities and you will see tabs for “COMPLETED” and “PROGRESSED” On these tabs are options (tabs) to show/go the streets and display nodes required to complete the street.

Hope that helps!


PS. No real FAQ, but there is good reading in the WIKI : Wiki - CityStrides Community

Yes, this was actually changed some time back, previously all cities were included, but now only with at least one completed street. I think I went down from 110 to 86 cities after that change😁


Thanks, Hans!

Also… 110 or 86 - either way… that’s a lot of cities, wow!


That’s in 20 countries. I try to run in every country I visit on vacations. And then some marathons give you a good city count, e.g. NYCM is six cities😁

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