My completed/traversed streets by date?

I’m quite new here, and still learning, so apologies if this has been covered (I searched, but did not see)…

But when I’m on my CS home page, and see my list of completed streets, is there a way to sort by date?

I understand I can see this on each activity, but I’m thinking more like something on a per user level, kinda like when you go to city’s page, and see it’s " RECENTLY COMPLETED STREETS"

Maybe this exists and I missed it?

Thank you in advance,

The closest feature I can think of right now is if you are a supporter.

As a supporter, you can go to your lifemap and there is a way to filter the map by date.


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@jpbari Thank you for that. I’m relatively new to CS, and have not decided, yet, if I want to become a supporter. It is good to know a workable option exists.

Thanks again.

Happy striding,