Most miles run in last month

I run around 200k per month, but never appear under most miles run in last month. And those who do have often less distance.
To paraphrase Andy Warhol, we should all be able to have our 5 minutes of fame :grin:
Clearly not a big deal, more curious than anything.

That is odd…

I’m currently working on refreshing the homepage for logged in people, so that it’s more of a one-stop stats update with links to important things like newest activities and your default city. The only site-wide stat that’s sticking around is the most completed streets in the last month stat.

Let me know if there are particular numbers you always look for when visiting the site. I want to make sure this page is super useful!

the number of streets completed in a week can not be real. I see for instance Rob Piccolino with 2218 this week but also this month.
Could it be be that those numbers are new users imports ??

I don’t think so - I’m on there with 2514 streets under most streets completed in the last month, but I’m not a new user and I certainly haven’t covered that many streets in June!

I wonder what the heck I’m doing then! :crazy_face:

It looks like you pick maybe the right runners but the number is the total completed streets, not the number of the last period. See for instance Ric Jenkin 2215 completed streets. His profile also says 2215 completed streets. But that is ‘lifetime’ completed I guess :slight_smile: This is mutatis mutandis also for Rob Piccolini

Oh this is weird! I think it’s a mobile/desktop issue (unless I’ve done something else wrong) because it should display both numbers: total completed streets as well as this week/month total, but it isn’t displaying that second number in mobile. I’ll have this fixed up soon.

Hi James,
I guess if you are doing away with the “most miles this month” section, then the issue is resolved :slight_smile:

Thoughts on the new homepage:

  • I don’t find it particularly useful to know that I have completed 99.06% of streets in my hometown. But there are only 110 or so streets in my town; ifI was living in Londond, Paris or San Francisco, I might have a different perspective…or not?
  • I see even less use for recently completed streets - it doesn’t really speak to me
  • Recent activities is fine, and the most completed streets in last Week and last month for all users too.

But what would I really like to see?

  • I’d like the first page to be a personal Dashboard, with: total streets run (life), total streets in last Week, total streets in last month.
  • Also, where I rank versus other users: so I would be _(èth of 9?567 users, for instance
  • I’d also like to see the cities where I am “leader” (i.e. completed the most streets)
  • perhaps also where I am 2nd or 3rd so I can try to catch up with other users (as you can see, quite competitive, but in a fun sort of way)
  • perhaps this could be presented as Bronze, Silver and Gold medals? Except of course, they are temporary, not for ever!

Great site you have built, it’s quite addictive! But like any junky, I would always want more

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Normally I only look at the website after the run/walk. If I run/walk i look ar Runkeeper data on my smartwatch

hmm the number of streets in the standard profile page has decreased but is still unreal to me.
Can someone run 505 streets in one week like Peter Kroon did this week? Are those 505 streets imported streets from a longer period or manual flagged streets? Or is there a place with very tiny dwarfstreets :slight_smile:

It’s the whole data polution problem.
If you run innercity London, there’s a ton of shops and other stuff that are marked streets.
Just check his profile and look at the runs, like this for instance

Ah yes I see. In the inner city you have sometimes very short streets also. When I run the inner street of Amsterdam I sometimes had a higher score then normal. The definitiom of streets is indeed somewhat ‘wacky’. But … the other side of it is: … it is for everyone the same :slight_smile:
Then the number is correct now!